Insurance Tips

Tips to Reduce slips, Trips, and falls in your business

Keep walking surfaces clean and free of clutter

*By keeping walkways clear, you can quickly reduce the potential for injury


*Proper lighting inside and outside of the work place can help illuminate areas that may be common places for employees or customers to trip and fall.


*Using clear, well-placed signage can help call attention to potential problem areas. A sign indicating a step, gap, uneven ground or loose rocks will call attention to the hazard and increase awareness and attentiveness.

Check floor condition, inside and out

*Make sure there are no cracks or holes in building flooring or in the pavement outside. Repair any problem areas immediately and be sure to place warning signs in/on/around areas that need to be fixed.

Clean up slips immediately

*If you have a spill, clean it up immediately. If allowed to penetrate the floor surface, some substances can actually create a more slippery surface even after cleanup. When a spill occurs, immediately place warning signs around the hazard and then tackle the cleanup process.


Do your stairways have handrails? Is the top and bottom stair marked with reflective tape? Have you removed any unsecured rugs or carpets from the stairs or landings? Stairs are a common area for falls in the workplace and additional care is often required to reduce the risk of injury. Be sure to keep your stairwells clear, well-lit and free from unsecured objects.

Insurance Tips

By keeping walkways clear, you can quickly reduce the potential for injury

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